STAT 593 Registration, Fall 2017

If you would like to register for STAT 593 in the Fall, please send an email to from your Illinois email account with the following information:

  • Full Legal Name
  • NetID
  • UIN
  • Desired Hours of Registration (See details below.)
  • Attached Offer Letter
  • Brief Description of Job (If not written into offer letter.)

This information will be reviewed. You will receive a follow-up email with approval status and registration instructions.

Eligibility: For an internship to be eligible for STAT 593, it must be closely related to the field of statistics. Broadly speaking, the internship should involve working with data. Additionally, you must be a Statistics student in a graduate program.

Hours of Registration: You may elect to register for 0 or 4 hours. This may have impacts on full-time status and tuition. During Fall and Spring semesters, 4 hours is most often selected. In Summer, 0 hours is used for reduced tuition purposes.

CPT: If you are an international student, you should verify with ISSS if you need CPT for your internship. You should do so ASAP.

Course Requirements: If taken for 0 hours, the only course requirements are maintaining an internship, and a brief evaluation from your supervisor at the end of the term. New as of Fall 2017, if taken for 4 hours, there will be two additional requirements: a mid-semester and end-of-semester report. Details will be provided at the beginning of the semester.

Fall 2017 Registration, Incoming MS Students

Hello Incoming Illinois Statistics MS Students!

The time to begin thinking about registration for Fall 2017 is upon us.

Overview: As incoming Statistics MS students, you will have the opportunity to register for courses from July 25th – July 27th. You should register for 3 or 4 courses which will total between 12 and 16 hours. One of those courses should be either STAT 410 or STAT 510. Another course should be STAT 425. The remaining courses are elective.

When registering, you should be aware of the requirements of your specific program.

Additionally, you should be aware of the courses offered by the Statistics department, and specifically what courses are offered in the Fall.

Note that courses numbered 420 and below, except for STAT 410, should not be taken by graduate students. During orientation, we will discuss what courses will be available in the Spring.

Actions you should take:

  • Decide on STAT 410 or STAT 510. See details below.
  • Register for a section of STAT 410 or STAT 510.
  • Register for a section of STAT 425.
  • Register for a section of an elective.
  • (Optional) Register for a section of another elective.
  • Verify that you have registered for at least 12 hours.

How to Decide if you should take STAT 410 or STAT 510

STAT 410 is essentially an optional course that is used as preparation for STAT 510. You do not actually need to do anything to “waive” the requirement, you can simply skip 410 if you choose. No action is needed to do so.

If you were previously a student at Illinois and already took STAT 410, you should proceed directly to STAT 510.

For everyone else, the decision is slightly less clear. If you majored in Statistics or a very related field, and took two semesters of mathematical statistics which had a calculus sequence as a prerequisite, you are likely prepared for STAT 510. You should be familiar with the topics listed for STAT 410: For more detail, you should be familiar with the majority of the concepts from the textbook for STAT 410, which is Introduction to Mathematical Statistics by Hogg, McKean, and Craig. The table of contents can be found here:

If you do not have a strong background in mathematical statistics, it is strongly suggested that you begin with STAT 410.

We will discuss this is greater detail during orientation and you can potentially change your registration at that time if necessary. For now, you should register for one or the other based on the above information.

Some Information About STAT 425

Be aware that there are three sections of STAT 425, Applied Regression and Design. You may register for any of these sections. However, be aware that one section, CRN 30956, at 9:30 AM on Tuesday/Thursday, is taught at a slightly more advanced level. This section will be attended by the Statistics PhD students who are preparing for their qualifying exam. Many MS students take this section, while undergraduate students cannot be enrolled in this section. The other section will have a mix of graduate and undergraduate students.

Some Information About Elective Courses

When selecting electives, you should be aware of your program of study. Good electives this semester are:

For students with less mathematical statistics experience:

  • STAT 430 Basics of Statistical Learning
  • STAT 430 (IS 490 section ID) Introduction to Data Science
  • STAT 430 (INFO 490 section RB) Foundations of Data Science
  • STAT 440 Statistical Data Management
  • STAT 443 Professional Statistics
  • STAT 448 Advanced Data Analysis

For students with a strong mathematical statistics math background:

  • STAT 428 Computational Statistics
  • STAT 429 Time Series Analysis
  • STAT 542 Statistical Learning
  • STAT 571 Multivariate Analysis

Additional details can be found in the FAQ below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I cannot register for the courses that I want?
A: Because Statistics courses are extremely popular, priority must be given to our students who are nearer to graduation. As a result, in your first semester, you may not be able to take exactly the courses that you would like. We will work with you to register for at least 12 hours since that is a requirement for full-time status. Additionally, in your first semester it is important to take STAT 410 or STAT 510 and STAT 425, so we will be as accommodating as possible in those courses. Unfortunately, beyond that, space in other courses may dictate availability.

Q: How do I actually register?
A: Using Student Self-Service: The Graduate College should have sent a communication with some details of this tool. You will want to select the Urbana-Champaign campus, then login using your Illinois credentials and select Registration & Records, then proceed from there.

Q: What time will registration start? When will it end?
A: The registration window will open at 9:00 AM on July 25th and end at 5:00 PM on July 27th.

Q: What if I cannot register during that time? What if I register during that time but want to change my registration?
A: You should try your best to register during that time. If you do not, will we still work with you to register before the semester begins. Keep in mind that most incoming MS students will register during that window, and options will likely be more limited for students registering later.

Q: What is the difference between STAT 430 (Basics of Statistical Learning) and STAT 542 (Statistical Learning)?
A: Both courses teach Statistical Learning, and cover much of the same material. STAT 542 is restricted to graduate students, while undergraduates may take STAT 430. STAT 542 often covers additional theoretical details. In general, STAT 542 moves at a faster pace and assumes a stronger theoretical ability. Both courses use R as their main programming language, however STAT 542 mostly assumes you learn the R details yourself, while STAT 430 focuses more on teaching R details.

Q: What if I am a MAGNet intern?
A: You will need to register for STAT 593 as an elective. This course is taken for 4 hours, and does count towards full-time status. You will need to contact your academic advisor, David Dalpiaz, to obtain assistance in registering for this course. To focus on assisting with general registration during the registration window, registration assistance for STAT 593 will not be done until after that time.

Q: What if I need to take an ESL course as a result of EPT?
A: If after completing EPT you are required to take an ESL course, this course does count towards your full-time status. (It counts as a four hour course.) If this is the case, you could consider taking one fewer statistics course this semester. However, it is best to register during the registration window as if you will not need to take an ESL course. It is much easier to drop a course than to try to add one later.

Q: There are multiple STAT 430s? What are the differences? How do these work?
A: These are topics courses. While they are all “STAT 430,” they are each a unique course. See details on each here:

  • STAT 430 Basics of Statistical Learning
    • Taught by the Statistics Department. Teaches the fundamentals of Statistical Learning, with a focus on the R programming language.
  • STAT 430 (IS 490 section ID) Introduction to Data Science
    • Taught by the Information Sciences Department. Offers a broad overview of Data Science. Introduces a number of technologies, including some work in R.
  • STAT 430 (INFO 490 section RB) Foundations of Data Science
    • Taught online by the Informatics Department. Offers a broad overview of Data Science with a strong focus on the tools in Python for working with data. Be aware, this course is only offered for 3 hours. As such, taken as a third course, it would not be sufficient to maintain full-time status. Thus, it would be more appropriate as a second elective. Despite being offered for 3 hours, it does count towards any degree requirements listed as STAT 430. (However, you would still need to complete the correct minimum total number of hours.) Also, be aware there is a follow-up course in the Spring that adds to this course by introducing machine learning in python.

Q: Can I take courses from other departments?
A: Yes, however it may not counts towards the MS in Statistics. It will count towards your full-time status. Note that courses outside of the Statistics department are not controlled by the Statistics department, so they may be difficult to register for.

Q: What about STAT 578?
A: Unfortunately, no STAT 578 is available in the Fall. The listed Bayesian course is restricted to a different program at Illinois.

Q: What courses use or teach R?
A: Many courses in the Statistics Department utilize R. This semester, those include: STAT 425, STAT 430 (Basics of Statistical Learning), STAT 430 (Introduction to Data Science), STAT 428, STAT 429, STAT 542, and STAT 571.

Q: What courses use or teach SAS?
A: Two courses in the Statistics Department utilize SAS: STAT 440 and STAT 448.

Q: What courses use or teach Python?
A: STAT 430, Foundations of Data Science

Q: What if I did my undergrad at UIUC?
A: You should not re-take courses that you completed as an undergraduate. For example, if you took STAT 448 as an undergraduate, and it is listed as a requirement, you have already fulfilled that course requirement. However, you do need to complete 32/36 hours as an MS student. If you took a large number of Statistics courses as an undergraduate and are running out of courses, we will consider related courses from other departments. You should discuss these with your academic advisor. One exception: STAT 425 may be retaken if you take the graduate focused version, CRN 30956. For a number of reasons, this is recommended, and would be a good course for your first semester. Those hours, taken as a graduate student, would count towards graduation.

Q: Should I register for 12 hours, or 16 hours?
A: To maintain full-time status (which is required for international students) you need to register for 12 hours. If you register for 16 hours, you could drop a course you find you do not want to take, and still maintain full-time status. Registering for 20 hours in your first semester is not recommended.

Q: I have a hold on my account that prevents registration, what should I do?
A: Contact ASAP.

Contact Information

Questions should be directed to your academic advisor, David Dalpiaz:
If you discover issues during registration contact and CC

MS in Statistics: Information Sessions

Thinking about graduate school? Interested in data and statistics? Attend an information session to learn more about the MS in Statistics programs at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign!

  • Thursday, February 9th
    • 4:30 – 5:20 PM
    • 106B3 Engineering Hall
  • Friday, February 10th
    • 12:30 – 1:20 PM
    • 106B8 Engineering Hall

We’ll discuss:

  • Statistics and Analytics programs
  • Application process
  • Available courses
  • Internship opportunities
  • Funding opportunities via the MAGNet program
  • Any questions you might have!

Spring 2017 – MS Registration

For information about the registration process for a particular course, see here:

Some frequently asked questions when registering as an MS student:

Can I take STAT 430 (INFO 490) Advanced Data Science?

  • Yes, if you previously took STAT 430 (INFO 490) Foundations of Data Science. These are considered a sequence. The second course, Advanced Data Science, is heavily dependent on the first course, which teaches the python programming language. Advanced Data Science will assume a working knowledge of Python as well as certain tools for dealing with data in python. (NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, etc.) See the course website for Foundations of Data Science for more detail.
  • It is not recommend if you have not taken STAT 430 (INFO 490) Foundations of Data Science.
  • Also, be aware that these courses can only be taken for 3 credit hours. Consider how this would affect your full-time status.

What is the difference between STAT 430 Basics of Statistical Learning and STAT 542 Statistical Learning?

  • They share much of their core material, being derived from two similar books:
  • STAT 430: Mix of undergraduate and MS students. Equal parts theory and practice. Emphasis on best practices in R for machine learning. Introduces literate programming through RMarkdown.
  • STAT 542: Mix of MS and PhD students. Larger emphasis on theory. Additional advanced topics. Uses R, but less discussion of specifics.

How is STAT 578 Stat Learning in Data Science different than STAT 430 and STAT 542?

  • This course will have some overlap with 430 and 542. Note that it is a new course, so for exact details, please contact Professor Qu. It will cover more advanced topics and specific applications such as recommender systems, tensor methods, text mining, and imagine analysis. It would probably be helpful to have previous machine learning experience or be very comfortable with mathematical statistics. (For example, STAT 510 would likely be helpful.)

Can I take CS 412 Introduction to Data Mining? (Or CS 512?)

  • Yes, but it is not necessarily recommend for statistics students.
  • Be aware of the prerequisite courses. Having the exact prerequisites is not necessary, but is is important to have the correct programming background and skill. Many statistics students who attempt the course find that they do not have the necessary background and later drop. It is highly advised to speak with the instructor before registering for the course.
  • Be aware that the 4 hour section involves even more programming than the 3 hour section
  • Statistics students are advised to take STAT 428 if they do not feel comfortable with CS 412.
  • Registration for CS 412 is controlled by the Computer Science department. The Statistics department cannot guarantee registration. Contact CS for more information.

Can I (Should I) register for STAT 593 Statistics Internship?

  • If you have an internship, yes. Please contact me for specific instructions regarding which section to register for.

Can I take more than one STAT 430?

  • Yes, provided they are unique courses. (They should have different titles.)