Spring 2017 – MS Registration

For information about the registration process for a particular course, see here: go.illinois.edu/StatisticsRegistration

Some frequently asked questions when registering as an MS student:

Can I take STAT 430 (INFO 490) Advanced Data Science?

  • Yes, if you previously took STAT 430 (INFO 490) Foundations of Data Science. These are considered a sequence. The second course, Advanced Data Science, is heavily dependent on the first course, which teaches the python programming language. Advanced Data Science will assume a working knowledge of Python as well as certain tools for dealing with data in python. (NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, etc.) See the course website for Foundations of Data Science for more detail.
  • It is not recommend if you have not taken STAT 430 (INFO 490) Foundations of Data Science.
  • Also, be aware that these courses can only be taken for 3 credit hours. Consider how this would affect your full-time status.

What is the difference between STAT 430 Basics of Statistical Learning and STAT 542 Statistical Learning?

  • They share much of their core material, being derived from two similar books:
  • STAT 430: Mix of undergraduate and MS students. Equal parts theory and practice. Emphasis on best practices in R for machine learning. Introduces literate programming through RMarkdown.
  • STAT 542: Mix of MS and PhD students. Larger emphasis on theory. Additional advanced topics. Uses R, but less discussion of specifics.

How is STAT 578 Stat Learning in Data Science different than STAT 430 and STAT 542?

  • This course will have some overlap with 430 and 542. Note that it is a new course, so for exact details, please contact Professor Qu. It will cover more advanced topics and specific applications such as recommender systems, tensor methods, text mining, and imagine analysis. It would probably be helpful to have previous machine learning experience or be very comfortable with mathematical statistics. (For example, STAT 510 would likely be helpful.)

Can I take CS 412 Introduction to Data Mining? (Or CS 512?)

  • Yes, but it is not necessarily recommend for statistics students.
  • Be aware of the prerequisite courses. Having the exact prerequisites is not necessary, but is is important to have the correct programming background and skill. Many statistics students who attempt the course find that they do not have the necessary background and later drop. It is highly advised to speak with the instructor before registering for the course.
  • Be aware that the 4 hour section involves even more programming than the 3 hour section
  • Statistics students are advised to take STAT 428 if they do not feel comfortable with CS 412.
  • Registration for CS 412 is controlled by the Computer Science department. The Statistics department cannot guarantee registration. Contact CS for more information.

Can I (Should I) register for STAT 593 Statistics Internship?

  • If you have an internship, yes. Please contact me for specific instructions regarding which section to register for.

Can I take more than one STAT 430?

  • Yes, provided they are unique courses. (They should have different titles.)