CyberGIS’ April Progress at the NCSA

The CyberGIS team has finished the first complete component of the DIFM application suite, the On-Farm Research Developer (OFRD). The key features of the OFRD software include rich capabilities for plot segmentation and field trial creation. The plot segmentation capability supports irregularly shaped fields and provides turning space around the edges of fields, which utilizes AB-line angle to create plots within an 80-foot internal buffer of each field boundary. This capability is applicable to both rectangular and irregularly shaped fields. The team has also implemented a shapefile download feature for application maps to allow users to examine their applications on their personal computers and input application data into their field machinery. The CyberGIS team is busy testing the new features and associated functionalities, and looking for testers. If you would like to be a tester, please contact Nathan Casler ( and/or Shaowen Wang (