Bullock and Curran present at the Interest Group on Agricultural Data (IGAD) Meeting

Dr. David Bullock (University of Illinois) and Keith Curran (Washington State University) traveled to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to attend the Interest Group on Agricultural Data (IGAD) Meeting held on April 1.

“In 2019, DIFM will run approximately seventy trials in ten U.S. states, Argentina, Brazil, and Colombia. DIFM is developing software that will allow it to “scale up” its data management, processing, and analysis activities, and provide a farmer-consultant decision tool that will allow the practical implications of the data analysis to positively affect the efficiency of farmers’ input management decision. DIFM is interested in exploring possibilities of working with other groups to develop a cloud-based research cyber-infrastructure that will aid researchers worldwide who conduct run on-farm agronomic research.”

Check out their full presentation, “On-farm Agronomic Research, Data Generation, and Modeling in the Data-Intensive Farm Management Project and Washington State Farmers Network.” 


Pending Applications

Over the past summer, DIFM project members at the University of Illinois collaborated with researchers at Washington State University and Montana State University on three USDA-NIFA grants. Currently, we are waiting on hear back on the following applications in hopes of expanding the DIFM project in the coming years:

  “Increasing Agricultural Resilence Through On-Farm Experimentation”

 “A Workshop to Plan an International Cyber-Infrastructure for On-Farm Production Research”

  “Advancing Wheat Nutrient Recommendations Using Statistical and Economic Models Developed Through On-Farm Research and Participatory Learning”