New Faces At DIFM: Rodrigo Goncalves Trevisan


Rodrigo Goncalves Trevisan is a new graduate student in crop sciences under Professor Nicolas Martin who is focused on harnessing the power of new analytical methods to improve the decision-making process in agricultural systems. Trevisan received a baccalaureate degree in agronomy from the Federal University of Mato Grosso, and his master’s degree in agricultural systems engineering from the Luis de Queiroz College of Agriculture at the University of Sao Pãulo. He is the precision agriculture coordinator in one of the largest agriculture companies in Brazil, and is co-founder and the head of research and development of technological solutions for agribusiness at Smart Agri. Trevisan has participated in events as speaker and organizer and is a founding member of the Brazilian Association of Precision Agriculture. He is experienced in agricultural planning, precision agriculture, on-farm experimentation, remote sensing, geographic information systems, data analysis, and artificial intelligence.

New Faces at DIFM

Ammar Hoque is currently an undergraduate in UIUC studying Applied Mathematics/Economics (minor in Computer Science). He has previously worked as an NCSA affiliate in a project known as KnowEng Center- a Bioinformatics knowledge network for genomic researchers. Currently, Ammar is working to automate trial designs for the DIFM experiments, by standardizing data received from the field. He will also work on automating the data analysis of experiments.