Research Interests

I am interested in a wide variety of topics within and outside of Statistics. My CV is attached here.

My research mission is to improve statistical methodologies that are applicable to real-world problems. My focus is placed on both the theoretical and computational aspects of this methodology. To better understand relevant real-world problems, I work closely with scientists and researchers across a variety of disciplines. Writing technical research papers, or an accompanying technical report, that can be understood by the intended scientific audience is central to my research mission. Current methodological work of mine has applications in evolutionary biology, baseball, history, education, epidemiology, and genomics studies.

My website on baseball activities can be accessed here.

Working papers

Shen Yan, Adrian Burgos Jr., Christopher Kinson, Brandon Niedert, and Daniel J. Eck (2023+). Comparing baseball players across eras via the novel Full House Model. Website here.

Julia Wapner, Charles Young, David Dalpiaz, and Daniel J. Eck (2023+). SEAM methodology for context-rich player matchup evaluations. Shiny app here. FanGraphs article here.

Suyoung Park, Alexander E. Lipka, and Daniel J. Eck (2023+). Robust model-based estimation for binary outcomes in genomics studies.


Ellen S. Fireman, Zachary S. Donnini, Michael Weissman, and Daniel J. Eck (2023). Do In-Person Lectures Help? A Study of a Large Statistics Class. Journal of Educational Technology Systems, to appear.

Lea K. Richardson, Jared Beck, Daniel J. Eck, Ruth G. Shaw, and Stuart Wagenius (2023). Fire effects on plant reproductive fitness vary among individuals reflecting pollination-dependent mechanisms. American Journal of Botany, 110, 4, e16160.

Daniel J. Eck (2023). General model-free weighted envelope estimation. Electronic Journal of Statistics, 17(1): 519-547.

Daniel J. Eck, Olga Morozova, and Forrest W. Crawford (2022). Randomization for the direct effect of an infectious disease intervention in a clustered study population. Journal of Mathematical Biology, 85:37.

Georgiana May, Charles J. Geyer, Ruth G. Shaw, and Daniel J. Eck (2022). Do interactions among microbial symbionts cause selection for greater pathogen virulence? The American Naturalist, 199, 2, 252–265. Reproducible technical report here. Preprint here.

Jilei Lin and Daniel J. Eck (2021). Minimizing post-shock forecasting error through aggregation of outside information. International Journal of Forecasting, 37, 4, 1710–1727. ArXiv preprint here.

Daniel J. Eck and Charles J. Geyer (2021). Computationally efficient likelihood inference in exponential families when the maximum likelihood estimator does not exist. Electronic Journal of Statistics, 15(1): 2105-2156. Reproducible technical report here.

Daniel J. Eck, R. Dennis Cook, Christopher Nachtsheim, and Thomas A. Albrecht (2020). Multivariate Design of Experiments for Engineering Dimensional Analysis. Technometrics, 62, 1, 6-20. (Winner of the Jack Youden prize for Best Expository Paper in Technometrics)

Daniel J. Eck (2020). Challenging nostalgia and performance metrics in baseball. Chance, 33, 1, 16-25. Reproducible technical report here. Shiny app here. FanGraphs article here.

Si Cheng, Daniel J. Eck, and Forrest W. Crawford (2020). Estimating the size of a hidden finite set: large-sample behavior of estimators. Statistics Surveys, 14, 1-31.

Daniel J. Eck, Charles J. Geyer, and R. Dennis Cook (2020). Combining Envelope Methodology and Aster Models for Variance Reduction in Life History Analyses. Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 205, 283-292. Reproducible technical report here.

Daniel J. Eck (2018). Bootstrapping for multivariate linear regression models. Statistics and Probability Letters, 134, 141-149.

Rickard J. Kohler, Susan A. Arnold, Daniel J. Eck, Chris Thomson, Matthew A. Hunt, and G. Elizabeth Pluhar (2018). Incidence of and risk factors for major complications or death in dogs undergoing cytoreductive surgery for treatment of suspected primary intracranial masses. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, 253, 12, 1594-1603.

Daniel J. Eck and R. Dennis Cook (2017). Weighted envelope estimation to handle variability in model selection. Biometrika, 104, 3, 743-749. Software that implements the methods in this paper was created by Minji Lee and Zhihua Su, see: Renvlp.

Daniel J. Eck and Ian W. McKeague (2016). Central Limit Theorems under additive deformations. Statistics and Probability Letters, 118, 156-162.

Daniel J. Eck, Ruth G. Shaw, Charles J. Geyer, and Joel G. Kingsolver (2015). An Integrated Analysis of Phenotypic Selection on Insect Body Size and Development Time. Evolution, 69, 2525-2532. Reproducible technical report here.


David Dalpiaz and Daniel J. Eck (2021). seam: Functions to Apply SEAM Methodology

Daniel J. Eck (2018). conformal.glm: Conformal Prediction for Generalized Linear Regression Models.

Charles J. Geyer and Daniel J. Eck (2016). glmdr: Exponential Family Generalized Linear Models Done Right.

Daniel J. Eck (2016). envlpaster: Enveloping the Aster Model.