The Power of Civility

In this critical response assignment, students were to use an essay by Howard White, “The Power of Hello” along with the University of Illinois’s student code to answer the following questions:

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Although this assignment received a relatively high score (9.83/10), I can add more content and support to improve my thesis’s argument.

I did a good job of connecting Howard White’s essay to my thesis. However, I failed to introduce Howard White to my audience. Without knowledge of Howard White, the essay lacks the ethos portion of the argument.

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In his essay, there is a small portion that describes his background and success.

Using this information, I scratched out some of my introduction.

And replaced it with this:

My conclusion lacks substance. Let’s change that:

Additionally, there were words in my essay that were redundant and unnecessary. For example,

The word “continued” brought no real meaning to this sentence so I deleted it.

Other revisions have been made to the essay, you can view them below.