Reflection 3

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Although this assignment was not meant to be an outstanding argument that will change the world’s view on things, I still revised it tried to revise to a better quality product.

Again, the main issue with this paper was formatting in the annotated bibliography portion. Before this class, I never second guessed EasyBib and copy and pasted my way through works cited pages. Now, I know to double check EasyBib. EasyBib fails to italicize or underline books, movies and most importantly, journals. For my revision I italicized the journal, Backgrounder and a couple of books.

I also looked at Professor Mary’s comment on primary and secondary sources. I looked at Tania Rashid’s news report on sex trafficking and realized that most news sources are a combination on both primary and secondary sources. Most interviewers take their facts from other articles to strengthen their interview questions even more. By using other sources, Rashid created the logos her argument needed, especially for her Vice News audience.

Lastly, I changed up a few things in my proposal. Most of the problems were with sentence structure and unnecessary sentences. I was so used to fluffing up my papers to meet a requirement that I failed to see if every sentence contributed to my argument. Now, I know how to be more concise and with my new conclusion making skills, I can fulfill word requirements another way.