Reflection 4



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This assignment was assigned a long time ago so it took me a while to remember what the assignment was. I did a bunch of rhetorical analyses in my junior year of high school because it was a part of our AP exam. The only difference between this assignment and the AP exam was the crunch for time and the sources used.

The biggest challenge of this assignment was crunching the never-ending bulk of information down into one paper. So many arguments could have been made but I chose only a few. The problem Professor Hays had with my paper was the absence of Toulmin Analysis vocabulary in my paper. She said my argument was sound, I just didn’t follow the assignment.

I reworded most of the paper to fit the criteria of the assignment. In my junior year, I was looked down upon if I used the word thesis in my thesis and warrant to express warrants. This class has taught me to look at the assignment and let go of pre-conceived thoughts to fulfill the assignment’s requirements.

I don’t want to say that this revision was easy, but it was. My argument and its support was excellent and I saw no need to change it. Again, I revised my sentence structure and unnecessary sentences. I managed to narrow down a 17 word sentence to 13. I’m getting there!