Looking Forward To Portfolio Writing

It’s already halfway through the semester! I’ve learned so much about the positives and negatives of my writing style over these past weeks. In my portfolio, I will revise some of the mistakes I’ve made on my previous essays and critical responses.

My first serious essay, the Rhetorical Analysis, is what I wish to focus the most on. Although I got a pretty high B on the paper, I could have easily gotten a high A by simply following the instructions. I failed to recognize and use the vocabulary of the Toulmin Analysis. After taking AP English in high school and having to write a rhetorical analysis for the exam, I’ve been stuck with the AP mindset of not using first-person and not using the words “thesis” or “warrant” in my essay. My teacher used to say it was obvious to the reader what the thesis was so I carried it on into college. For revising my essay, I plan to include theĀ Toulmin Analysis words and I won’t be afraid to use I despite my fears of being too informal.


I’ve earned pretty high scores on the critical responses, but not perfect scores. I can alter my grammar and maybe play up some of my vocabulary to obtain higher scores.

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