A Letter to My Dear Old Friend: a RHET 105 Assignment

Dearest Natalie,

You’re a senior now I can’t believe it! While I may not be an expert at college yet (I started school about a month ago), I do know a lot more than I did in high school. I will tell you that your research core and mentorship class will be loads of help for your English class. Mr. Markus was being nitpicky with grammar and formatting mistakes for a reason.

Currently, I have to write a research paper for English class and I have to explore exigent topics to write about. I’m thinking of doing global warming, because it affects not just animals, but the human race. Gradually we are killing this beautiful earth by being the selfish, materialistic human beings that we are and it’s just baffling to me.

I’m also thinking about doing something more animal specific. Teachers for Creatures, a new club that I joined, discusses animal controversies such as breed discrimination and puppy mills. Either way, I’m hoping to do a topic I’m passionate about and relates to my major.

Thanks for listening,


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Hailey Caffie | Animal Science major at UIUC | Audience Researcher at Brookfield Zoo | I live and breathe animals.