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Undergraduate Student Researchers (in alphabetical order)

Hello, my name is Bresli. I am currently a senior in the College of Social Work at the University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign, seeking a career in Child Welfare. Coming from the south-side of Chicago, fighting any form of injustice interests me because I have seen many people in my community experience terrible injustices. Therefore, learning about the history of communities and how they overcame injustices fascinates me as an advocate.



My name is Irene Ngoya Lumpungu. I am a senior at the University of Illinois majoring in Social Work. I am a wife and mother of 2 adorable children. I am from the Congo, Kinshasa. I speak French, Lingala, Tshiluba and English.




My name is Jesse Maldonado and I am a junior studying Social Work at UIUC. My passion areas are working with LGBTQ individuals and creating social change on a systems level. After college, I hope to return to my hometown, Chicago, to pursue these passions and attend grad school. On campus, I am a FYCARE facilitator, Multicultural Advocate in University Housing, and the Vice President External of an organization called Women of Pride. I am very much looking forward to working on this project this semester and getting to collaborate with such wonderful folks.