Poster Session


The 2019 CSL Student Conference invites graduate students and post-docs to present their research at the poster session. This session provides an opportunity for students to interact with other researchers and learn about their work through a poster presentation.


2019 Participants

  • Informative ordinal querying for similarity embedding construction and search, Gregory Canal
  • Robust Hypothesis Testing Using Wasserstein Uncertainty Sets, Liyan Xie
  • Software Rejuvenation For Secure Tracking Control Of Cyber-Physical Systems, Raffaele Romagnoli
  • A Multi-Layer Swarm Control Model for Information Propagation and Multi-Tasking, Said Al-Abri
  • Deep Structured Prediction with Nonlinear Output Transformations, Colin Graber
  • Biodegradable Biliverdin Nanoparticles for Fluorescent and Photoacoustic Imaging, Parinaz Fathi
  • Accelerated Learning in Markov Decision Processes by Maximizing Value of Side Information, Pranay Thangeda
  • Huge Urban GPS Integrity Monitoring Using a Graph-SLAM Framework, Sriramya Bhamidipati
  • Cpp-Taskflow: Fast Task-based Parallel Programming using Modern C++, Chun-Xun Lin
  • Massive-Scale Sensing for Human and Machine Listening, Ryan M. Corey
  • Traits & Transferability of Adversarial Examples against Instance Segmentation and Object Detection, Shivank Mishra
  • One-to-one Mapping is Feasible: Toward Learning a Self-inverse Network for Bidirectional Image-to-Image Translation, Zengming Shen