Robotics Demonstration Session

The Annual CSL Student Conference invites grad students and post-docs to exhibit their robots in an event similar to a poster session. This session provides a platform for students across the campus to gain exposure for their research, and to disseminate and exchange ideas. The aim is to stimulate interaction among researchers, and hopefully foster a close bound in the robotic society of our university.
This half-day session consists of multiple robot demonstrations. The content could range from showing simple functionality of a robot to demonstrating some algorithm implemented on a robot platform. Presenters will also have the opportunity to use the Flight Arena with the Vicon system, should their demonstration requires a large open space.

Lunch will also be provided!

2019 Participants

  • Package Delivery System for Last Mile Problems, Gabriel Barsi Haberfeld, Arun Lakshmanan
  • Soft untethered origami crawling robot, Oyuna Angatkina, Sumanyu Singh
  • Robust decentralized control with UWB based P2P communication, Joao Paulo Jansch-Porto
  • Real Time Haptic Feedback for Robotic Surgery, Xiao Li, Shankar Deka
  • Taxonomy-based, Task-specific Teleoperation on Rethink Robotics Baxter, Austin Hamlett
  • Haptics-based Rehabilitation of ADL Skills, Shrey Pareek
  • Upper-limb robotic training simulator for spasticity assessment, Yinan Pei, Kevin Gim
  • B2: A Biologically Inspired Robotic bat, Usman Syed
  • A Distributed and Scalable Electromechanical Actuator for Bio-inspired Robots, Bonhyun Ku, Sunyu Wang
  • Design and Control of a Small Quadruped, Yanran Ding
  • Urban Swarm Navigation Using UAVs, Matt Peretic, Sriramya Bhamidipati, Shubh Gupta
  • Robots in Agriculture, DAS Lab

The winner for the Robotics session was Design and Control of a Small Quadruped by Yanran Ding and Chuanzheng Li.