Poster Session


The 2018 CSL Student Conference invites graduate students and post-docs to present their research at the poster session. This session provides an opportunity for students to interact with other researchers and learn about their work through a poster presentation.

2018 Participants

  • Tanushree Nori (Statistics)
    Video as a Sensor
  • Tanmay Gangwani (CS)
    Genetic Policy Optimization
  • Ashley Armstrong (MechSE) [Best Poster Award]
    3D CCILC for Fabrication of Advanced Architecture Bone Scaffolds

  • Srilakshmi Pattabiraman (ECE)
    Selfish Learning: Leveraging Greed in Social Learning
  • Rachneet Kaur (ISE)
    Optimal IoT Control in Smart Homes
  • Mert Hidayetoglu (ECE)
    Scalable Full-Wave Image Reconstruction on Blue Waters Supercomputer
  • Behnoush Garshasebi (CEE)
    Real-time Optimization of Autonomous Mobility-On-Demand Systems
  • Raghavendra Pothukuchi (CS)
    Modular Computer Resource Management with Robust Control Theory
  • Lichun Li (CSL)
    Secure Cyber Physical Systems and Game Theory
  • Abdul Dakkak (CS) [Best Poster Award]
    MLModelScope: Introspect and Manage your ML Models
  • Eugene Vinitsky (UC Berkeley, Mechanical Eng.)
    Decongesting Traffic Bottlenecks via Mixed Autonomy
  • Kathy Jang (UC Berkeley, EECS)
    Autonomous Vehicles and Traffic Lights
  • Mona Zehni (ECE)
    Multi-Segment Reconstruction Using Invariant Features
  • Nicholas LaRacuente (Physics)
    Symmetry, Specificity and Relevance in Model Inference
  • Daniel George (Astronomy)
    Anomaly Classification and Clustering for LIGO with Deep Transfer Learning
  • Vedhus Hoskere (CEE)
    DamageNet: A Fully-Convolutional Resnet Architecture for Semantic Segmentation of Damage in Civil Infrastructure
  • Girish Joshi (ABE)
    Cross-Domain Transfer in Deep Reinforcement Learning using Policy Adaptation
  • Mohammad Amin Nabian (CEE)
    Deep Learning for Solving High-Dimensional Random Initial and Boundary Value Problems
  • Abhishek Narwekar (CS)
    Acquisition of a Phonetically Rich Audio Visual Corpus and a Comparative Study of Articulatory Features
  • Yongjune Kim (CSL)
    Bit-line Swing Optimization for Energy-Efficient SRAMs
  • Joshua Whitman (MechSE)
    Learning Dynamics Across Similar Spatiotemporally-Evolving Physical Systems