Interested in Volunteering at the Conservation Lab?

The Conservation Lab is pleased to offer volunteer opportunities to members of the campus and local communities. Conservation experience is not required.

Volunteer positions are offered as semester-long (approximately 14-week) appointments and run concurrently with the University of Illinois fall and spring semesters. Each semester, volunteers will be trained in a series of processes, beginning with the construction of a case bound book and progressing through various book repair techniques, flat paper treatment, the creation of custom enclosures, and other projects as available. Volunteers commit to two 3-hour shifts per week, offered on weekdays between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. The specific days and times of the volunteer shifts will be determined each semester based on applicants’ availability.

Applicants will be contacted to schedule an informal interview, basic hand skills test and introduction to lab tools and equipment. Due to the high demand for volunteer positions and limitations on lab space and staff time, we cannot offer every applicant a position. Applicants who do not secure a volunteer position are encouraged to reapply for future semesters.

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