Computing has a large and growing impact on education. It is improving classroom  interactivity, increasing accessibility, facilitating personalized learning inside and outside the classroom, and providing a platform for exploring fundamental questions about how people learn.

At the same time, there are important questions in Computing Education Research (CER) about how to teach computer science in ways that are both effective and equitable. This requires both understanding how people learn computer science and creating best practices for teaching specific computing topics.

Our faculty and MS and PhD students study broadly in both of these facets of computers and education. We build new systems, run them at scale, and design interfaces and study the human impacts of technology in the classroom. We gather and analyze data about student behavior and experiences to better understand the learning process within CS education and education more broadly.

Weekly Meetings

We hold two weekly research area meetings with consistent timing throughout the year with participants both in-person and virtual:

  • Reading group: Tuesday 4-5pm
  • Research area feedback: Fridays 12-1pm

Contact Geoffrey Herman, Colleen Lewis, or Craig Zilles for access to our group Slack and meeting links.


See https://cs.illinois.edu/research/areas/computers-and-education