Call for Proposals: Undergraduate Network for Research in the Humanities Digital Humanities Symposium

If you’re an undergraduate interested in the digital humanities, the Undergraduate Network for Research in the Humanities (UNRH) is hosting their second annual conference, with the theme of “Possibilities of Undergraduate Digital Humanities.” The conference will be held from January 20-22, 2017 at Washington and Lee University. Undergraduate students with an interest in the digital humanities are encouraged to apply today; applications close November 14, 2016. Applicants should have a 250 word abstract, as well as a 1-2 page proposal ready for submission.

The UNRH was founded in 2015 and serves as a network for undergraduates to reimagine their role in humanities research by aggregating, presenting, and promoting undergraduate research.

If you are interested in the digital humanities and would like to submit a proposal, the Scholarly Commons can help! Either email Eleanor Dickson or Harriett Green, our digital humanities specialists, or submit a consultation request on our website.