Adventures at the Spring 2017 Library Hackathon

This year I participated in an event called HackCulture: A Hackathon for the Humanities, which was organized by the University Library. This interdisciplinary hackathon brought together participants and judges from a variety of fields. This event is different than your average campus hackathon. For one, it’s about expanding humanities knowledge. In this event, teams of […]

Learn Python Summer 2017

Are you sitting around thinking to yourself, golly, the bloggers at Commons Knowledge have not tried to convince me to learn Python in a few weeks, what’s going on over there? Well, no worries! We’re back with another post going over the reasons why you should learn Python. And to answer your next question no, […]

HackCulture Applications Due September 25

Remember to submit your application for HackCulture: A Hackathon for the Humanities on September 25, by 11:59 PM. HackCulture is a humanities focused hackathon, where interdisciplinary teams will produce data-driven digital humanities projects, with a prize of $1000. To read more on on HackCulture, see this Commons Knowledge post, or head to the HackCulture official […]

HackCulture: A Hackathon for the Humanities

We live in a data-filled world. Over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day—everything from election polls to Pokémon Go collects and uses big data—and the number of data collecting services around the world only grows. Working with and understanding data is a valuable skill for many students and scholars, from art historians […]