Wikidata and Wikidata Human Gender Indicators (WHGI)

Wikipedia is a central player in online knowledge production and sharing. Since its founding in 2001, Wikipedia has been committed to open access and open editing, which has made it the most popular reference work on the web. Though students are still warned away from using Wikipedia as a source in their scholarship, it presents […]

Exploring Data Visualization #9

In this monthly series, I share a combination of cool data visualizations, useful tools and resources, and other visualization miscellany. The field of data visualization is full of experts who publish insights in books and on blogs, and I’ll be using this series to introduce you to a few of them. You can find previous […]

Exploring Data Visualization #8

Note from Megan Ozeran, Data Analytics & Visualization Librarian: It’s been a pleasure sharing data visualization news with you over the last seven months. Now, I am excited to announce that one of our awesome Graduate Assistants, Xena Becker, will oversee the Exploring Data Visualization series. Take it away, Xena! In this monthly series, I […]