Exploring Data Visualization #3

In this monthly series, I share a combination of cool data visualizations, useful tools and resources, and other visualization miscellany. The field of data visualization is full of experts who publish insights in books and on blogs, and I’ll be using this series to introduce you to a few of them. You can find previous posts by looking at the Exploring Data Visualization tag.

Welcome back to this blog series! Here are some of the things I read in April:

a photograph of a knit pattern in a very strange shape, using green yarn

“Make Caows and Shapcho” pattern knit by MeganAnn (https://www.ravelry.com/projects/MeganAnn/skyknit-the-collection)

1) Janelle Shane, who has created a new kind of humor based on neural networks, trained a neural network to generate knitting patterns. Experienced knitters then attempted these patterns so we can see what the computer generated, ranging from reasonable to silly to downright creepy creations.

map showing that many areas of the United States get their first leaf earlier than in the past

from NASA Earth Observatory, “Spring is Arriving Earlier in National Parks”

2) Considering we had snowfall in April, you might not think spring began early this year (I know I don’t!). But broadly speaking, climate change has caused spring to begin earlier and earlier across the United States. The NASA Earth Observatory looked at data published in 2016 to create maps that visualize how climate change has changed the timing of spring.

3) If you want to learn a new tool but aren’t sure what to choose, have a look at Nathan Yau’s suggestions in his post What I Use to Visualize Data. He even divides his list into categories based on where he is in the process, such as initial data processing versus final visualizations.

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