The Library’s Eighth Data Purchase Program Round is Accepting Applications!

We’re starting a bit earlier than in past years to help researchers acquire data they need for their research! Through the Library’s Data Purchase Program, the University Library accepts applications from campus researchers to purchase data. All applications will be reviewed by the Library’s Data Discovery and Support committee, which looks for requests which meet the following minimum criteria, in addition to others listed in the full program announcement:

  • The dataset must cost less than $5,000;
  • The dataset must be used for research; and
  • The Library must be able to make the data available for use by everyone at UIUC.

For some examples of past data requests supported by the Data Purchase Program, please explore this list.

The deadline for first consideration is May 26, 2017, but the Committee will consider applications that come in later based on availability of funds and whether the purchase can be completed by June 30, 2018.

If you have questions about the program or need help identifying data for your research, please contact the Scholarly Commons at We look forward to connecting you with the data you need!

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