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Sometimes institutional life stumbles onto stage a bit disheveled. And there are other times when a fruitful collaboration happens…

At the Scholarly Commons, we strive to partner with members of the UIUC community to support their scholarly work. When it comes to more substantial questions about statistical analysis, we do this by referring members of our community to our partner CITL Data Analytics (formerly ATLAS Open Statistical Consulting Lab).

Their spring training schedule is now online and we thought you might like to know about it. There are workshops on Stata, SAS, SPSS, Qualitative Coding and Questionnaire Design. The courses are grouped in sets of two with a basic course followed by a more advanced one.  (Click the hyperlink below for registration.  Workshops are listed on the second screen.)

Spring Training Schedule [Grouped by Topic]
02/23/2016 – Stata 1: Getting Started with Stata
03/01/2016 – Stata 2: Inferential Statistics with Stata

02/24/2016 – SAS 1: Getting Started with SAS
03/02/2016 – SAS 2: Inferential Statistics with SAS

03/08/2016 – ATLAS.ti 1: Introduction – Qualitative Coding
03/09/2016 – ATLAS.ti 2: Data Exploration and Analysis

03/15/2016 – SPSS 1: Getting Started with SPSS
03/29/2016 – SPSS 2: Inferential Statistics with SPSS

03/16/2016 – R 1: Getting Started with R
03/30/2016 – R 2: Inferential Statistics

04/05/2016 – Questionnaire Design

These are short evening workshops and are available free of charge to University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign faculty, instructors, staff, and students. These courses are offered every semester, so if you miss a course this semester keep your eyes open for next semester’s schedule.

Their Open Statistical Consulting Lab is housed in 2043 Lincoln Hall. Its hours are Monday to Thursday from 10 am – 4 pm and Friday from 10 am – 2 pm.

All members of the UIUC community are welcome to use the lab space. The first hour of consulting is free of charge. Some charges may apply for consulting beyond the first hour based on one’s affiliation and the nature of the project.  If you are referred to the lab from the Scholarly Commons, charges may be waived depending on the extent of assistance that you need.

For more information about any of their services, please visit:

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