Multi-angle Imaging of Earth from Space: Past, Present, and Future

Consider attending the inaugural presentation of the CyberGIS Center for Advanced Digital and Spatial Studies Brown Bag Seminar Series. The talk will be held from 12-1, October 28th,  in room 1040 of the NCSA Building. Pizza and drinks will be provided.

Talk Title: Multi-angle Imaging of Earth from Space: Past, Present, and Future
Speaker: Dr. Larry Di Girolamo

Remote sensing of Earth by way of orbiting satellites has become one of the leading ways in which we gather information on the geophysical properties of the Earth’s surface and atmosphere. Multi-angle imaging satellite technologies are becoming more popular since they offer superior remote sensing capabilities in retrieving cloud and aerosol properties when compared to traditional single-view instruments. Here, I will provide a brief overview of past, present and future satellite multi-angle imaging instruments, why we continue to need them, and what challenges they bring to GIS.

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