MapLab, new Wired magazine blog about maps

Maplab screenshot

The popular technology & culture magazine Wired recently launched a new blog entitled MapLab to feature resources and ideas about maps.  MapLab’s scope includes learning about, using, making, and enjoying both analog and digital maps.

As staff commented in the initial post:

We’ll be exploring mapping software, hunting for data, and figuring out, step-by-step, how to make digital maps. We hope to make maps that tell interesting stories, answer important questions, reveal hidden relationships, and enhance the reporting we do at Wired.

Early posts have featured:

  • The Urban Observatory, a web application that provides geo-spatial comparisons between cities over multiple variables, including demographics, land use, and transportation.
  • A recent California Supreme Court ruling that local governments must release digital mapping files under the state’s public records law.
  • MapBox Satellite Live, a future service of that plans to provide immediate access to near real-time satellite imagery of anywhere in the world, in a standard format.
  • Maps and the Geospatial Revolution, a new MOOC (massive open online course) about digital mapping.

The blog is authored in part by GIS professionals and encourages feedback from readers.


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