This week’s Savvy Researcher: Nuts & bolts of scholarship

This week’s theme of the Savvy Research series is:  Getting to Know Your Inner Scholar

GIS 102: Loading Data into ArcGIS

When: 4-5 p.m. Monday, March 14

Where: Main Library Room 314

Geographic data come in many formats and different formats are used for different purposes in geographic software. Come to this workshop to learn:

  • What file formats are used for geographic and attribute data
  • What formats load most easily into ArcGIS
  • How to convert files into formats that ArcGIS recognizes

We will practice loading data into ArcGIS and displaying a map.

Drowning in Data? RefWorks can Help

When: 3-4 p.m. Wednesday, March 16

Location: Main Library, Room 314

Learn how to use RefWorks, a citation management software program subscribed to by the University Library that is free to faculty, staff, and students of the University of Illinois. This workshop will cover the basics. For more information about RefWorks please visit: We often hear graduate students say that they wish they had implemented a citation management strategy at the beginning of their academic careers — don’t let this happen to you!

  • Import references from catalogs and library databases
  • Seamlessly create bibliographies according to various citation styles (e.g., MLA or APA)
  • Learn about the collaboration tool, RefShare
  • Use Write-N-Cite to add parenthetical references to your work

Do you want to know the differences between RefWorks/EndNote/Zotero?

Can’t attend? Check out our self-paced video tutorial.

ArcGIS II v9.3 (Geographic Information System): Introduction to ArcToolbox

When: 5-7 p.m. Wednesday, March 16

Location: Main Library, Room 314

This second workshop expands on the first by teaching you how to create, edit, prepare, and analyze data. Topics covered:

  • An introduction to Arc Toolbox
  • An introduction to projections
  • Sources for data
  • Using attribute and location queries
  • Beginning spatial analysis
  • Creating and Editing Data

Practical Copyright: Considerations for Teaching and Research

You’re writing a thesis or preparing to teach your course, but you have a lot of concerns about being ethical and abiding by copyright law. Come to this session and learn the basics of copyright law and some guidelines for how you can stay within the law using the four principles of Fair Use. Please remember that librarians cannot give you advice regarding copyright issues, but we can steer you in the right direction to find answers to your questions.

  • Learn the basics of copyright law
  • Practical scenarios applied to the context of Fair Use
  • Engage in an open discussion about copyright ethics

Can’t attend? Visit the Library’s page on Copyright and Scholarly Communication.

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