GeoChallenge 2010 !!

GeoChallenge 2010 has arrived.

     • Are you interested in a Treasure Hunt?
     • Do you want to play with GPS?
     • Do you want a chance to win an iPod Touch or 100’s of dollars of gift certificates?

The campus is celebrating GIS day (Geographical Information Sciences) on November 19 with displays and lightning talks by people actively involved in geographic sciences. During the 2 weeks before GIS day, you can try your hand at a GPS rally. There are fun clues to various locations around campus. You go to each one, and answer questions about what you find there. The answers give you directions to the next clue. On the way you will help collect geographical information that will be presented at GIS day. When you are done, you will be entered in a drawing for some pretty cool prizes. has the instructions and starting clue.

For information on GIS day go to

GeoChallenge 2010 - 1st clue
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