The proposed Center for Carbon Dioxide Utilization and Reduction (COOULR) will build on the strengths of the University of Illinois and Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.

  • The University of Illinois has been leading research, development, and demonstration into carbon capture and sequestration activities for well over a decade. It leads the Midwest Geological Sequestration Consortium, a consortium that has successfully stored 1MMT of carbon dioxide in deep saline aquifers. Illinois also leads an industrial consortium, comprising global leaders such as Linde and BASF, to demonstrate a large-scale 15 MWe carbon capture pilot at the University of Illinois’ Abbott Power Plant. U of I has active programs designed to develop novel carbon dioxide capture technologies and water management programs for industrial and power generation applications. It also manages carbon dioxide intensity reduction programs that focus on energy conservation, renewable energy generation, data analytics, as well as core underlying sciences.
  • Southern Illinois University has an active NSF-CBET project on catalytic conversion of CH4 and CO2 to value-added products over oxide supported metal catalysts.

The mission of COOULR will be to conduct basic and applied research to accelerate the development and adoption of sustainable and economical carbon dioxide emission reduction and utilization technologies that can be applied across geographies, scales, and sectors. Additionally, COOULR hopes to act as test bed for new technologies, climate change relevant education, and training of a future workforce ready to take advantage of opportunities that might arise from a changing climate scenario.