The polarization in the central region of our galaxy, the Milky Way, shown in this composite image from the Atacama Cosmology Telescope in Chile. Image credit: Guan et al. 2021, ApJ. Image source, modified from original

Times displayed on the schedule are in Pacific Time.

Wednesday, July 6, 2022
Day 1: Transient / Variable / Time-domain Day
Start: 7am PT / 9am Central / 10am ET
End: noon PT / 2pm Central / 3pm ET

7am: Overview
Welcome, overview of meeting, format — Joaquin Vieira
CMB-S4’s capabilities for time-domain — Anna Ho

Session 1: Introduction & Galactic Transients and Variables (Chair: Tom Maccarone)

7:15am – Sgr A*, Maciek Wielgus
7:30am – X-ray binaries, Alex Tetarenko
7:45am – Classical Novae, Elias Aydi
8:00am – ALMA follow-up capabilities and processes, Maria Diaz Trigo

8:15am-8:45am: Break

Session 2: Explosive Extragalactic Transients (Chair: Anna Ho)

8:45am – ALMA obs. of supernovae – Keiichi Maeda
9:00am – Rates for extragalactic transients – Tarraneh Eftekhari
9:15am – GRBs – Tanmoy Laskar
9:30am – Modeling relativistic outflows – Ben Margalit
9:45am – TDEs – Kate Alexander & Dan Perley

10:00am-10:30am: Break

10:30am – Interacting Supernovae, Nitika Yadlapalli
10:45am – Young Supernovae, Assaf Horesh
11:00am – Extragalactic variable sources, Ruediger Kneissl
11:15am — Closing remarks, Tom Maccarone

11:30am-noon: Discussion

Thursday, July 7, 2022
Day 2: Static Source Day (with some transients)
Start: 8am PT / 10am Central / 11am ET
End: 1pm PT / 3pm Central / 4pm ET

Session 3: Transients, Continued (Chair: Anna Ho)

8:00am: Introduction, Anna Ho
8:05am: SPT transients, Sam Guns
8:20am: ACT transients, Emily, Yaqiong
8:35am: Stellar flares, Meredith MacGregor

8:50-9am: Short break

Session 4: High-redshift Galaxies (Chair: Giuseppe Puglisi)

9am: CMB-S4 for static sources, Joaquin Vieira
9:15am: Dusty Star-forming Galaxies Justin Spilker
9:30am: High-z dusty proto-clusters of galaxies in current and future CMB experiments – Mattia Negrello
9:45am: Protoclusters: Census of the cold ISM in the Spiderweb protocluster, Helmut Dannerbauer
10:00am: Hot Dust at High Redshift, Marco Viero
10:15am:​​ Astrophysics and Cosmology with Galaxy Clusters from the CMB-S4 Survey, Srinivasan Raghunathan
10:30am: Multi-wavelength studies of blazars, John C. Hood II

10:45am-11:15am: Break

Session 5: Solar system / Galactic science (Chair: Rachel Osten)

11:15am: Measuring thermal emissions from Debris Disks and Oort clouds with CMB surveys, Jacob Nibauer
11:30am: Galactic Astrophysics with CMB Data, Brandon Hensley
11:45pm: Asteroid Observations in Cosmological Surveys, Paul Chichura
noon: YSOs, Joel Green
12:15: closing remarks, action items, Giuseppe Puglisi

12:30-1pm: Discussion