Understanding Under the Molehill?

Probably one of the most complicated books I’ve ever read,¬†Under the Molehill: An Elizabethan Spy Story is interesting way of deciphering whether or not France was trying to side with Protestant England or Catholic Europe. Throughout the book we as the audience are constantly questioning who the mole and even the main character. Even in the review about the book, the commenter did not guess the mole correctly or explain it well. I can honestly say that there is not much that I really understood from the beginning to the end of the book.

It can be said that this book should be read by a select few, probably historians that know the espionage operation from the inside out. But this is not a book that can be read easily during your free time. I do have to admit that this book was a valiant effort to really delve deep into an issue that has been untouched by many historians. Now, I understand why historians don’t come near this topic, probably because it inflicts pain thinking of the concepts.

I would have to say that Bossy, a genius in his own right, laminates his ideas but they are not crafted well. Kind of like having multiple sketches, but no masterpiece. Maybe I can return to this book after my college career when I have gained more knowledge on the topic, but for now this one will be resting on my shelf collecting dust. I do think that the cover is very nice. Optimism is key.

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