It’s Time for a Good Book

December 8th is “Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day.” This is a hilarious day to act confused by modern technology, wear futuristic or period clothes, or just do anything a time traveler might do. Even though it’s an early holiday, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate all month long (just think of Ebenezer Scrooge shouting at a random boy in the street, “You there, what day is this?”). For some inspiration to help you celebrate, check out these great reads all about time travel.

If you’re interested in finding more books about time travel, search the catalog using keywords such as “juvenile fiction” for fiction books, “juvenile literature” for nonfiction books, and an additional term such as “time travel,” “space and time,” or “wormholes.”

Bloom, Suzanne.
A Mighty Fine Time Machine. 2009 (Picture Book).
An aardvark, an armadillo, and an anteater discover a cardboard box and realize that it would make a perfect time machine. But will they actually get it to work? Laugh along with them as they craft thingamabobs and hoozie-doozies to make their time machine perfect.
[Q. SE. B62311m]

Chapman, Jared
T. Rex Time Machine. 2018 (Picture Book).
When two dinosaurs use a time machine to travel to modern day America, they discover a wonderful world of pizza, donuts, and other amazing things. But while they may be ready for the modern world, the modern world just might not be ready for them. Hilarity ensues when these larger-than-life dinos realize they may be in over their heads.
[SE. C3668tr]

Gibbs, Stuart
The Last Musketeer. 2011 (Middle Grade Novel).
Not every family trip goes as planned, and that goes triple for Greg Rich. When his parents disappear, he ends up traveling four hundred years to the past in order to find them. Things get even wilder as he soon finds himself a member of the legendary Three Musketeers!
[S. G35512l]
For more in this trilogy, check out The Last Musketeer: Traitor’s Chase [S. G35512t], and The Last Musketeer: Double Cross [S. G35512d], also located in the S-Collection!

Long, David
Diary of a Time Traveler. 2015 (Nonfiction).
Augustus is really bored in history class until his teacher hands him a magic notebook that takes him back in time! Follow his journey as he meets some of history’s most influential people, from the Paleolithic people who discovered fire to Albert Einstein.
[Q. S.909 L853d]

Nelson, Peter and Rohitash Rao.
Herbert’s Wormhole. 2009 (Middle Grade Novel).
When Alex is forced to hang out with his inventor neighbor Herbert, the two end up traveling to the 22nd century, battling aliens, and trying to save the world! Described as “a novel in cartoons,” this is a book even the most reluctant readers will enjoy.
[S. N3362h]
For more in this series, check out Aerostar and the 3 ½-Point Plan of Vengeance [S. N3362a], and The Rise and Fall of El Solo Libre [S. N3362r], also located in the S-Collection!

Rapkin, Mickey
It’s Not a Bed, It’s a Time Machine. 2019 (Picture Book).
Like many children, our young narrator is afraid of the dark, and is apprehensive about going to bed. But when his stuffed bunny tells him that the bed is really a time machine, a whole world of adventure opens up, and he even gets to meet a real T. Rex! This exciting story teaches little ones that bedtime is nothing to be afraid of.
[Q. SE. R1819it]

Stokes, Jonathan W.
The Thrifty Guide to Ancient Rome: A Handbook for Time Travelers. 2018 (Nonfiction).
Planning a vacation to ancient Rome? This handy guide is all you’ll need to help you find a place to stay, save money, see the best sights, and even stay alive! You’ll want to be sure to pack this one on your next time travel adventure.
[S.937 St676tgar]
For more in this series, check out The Thrifty Guide to Ancient Greece [S.938 St676tgag], and The Thrifty Guide to the American Revolution [S.973.3 St676tgam], also located in the S-Collection!

Taylor, Janet
Into the Dim. 2016 (Young Adult Fiction).
Hope Walton is devastated when her mother is killed in an earthquake, but when she travels to Scotland she learns that her mom was a member of a secret society of time travelers, and is actually still alive, trapped in the twelfth century. When Hope travels back in time to save her, she meets a mysterious boy who could derail her entire mission.
[S. T2156i]

Turetsky, Bianca
The Time-Traveling Fashionista. 2011 (Middle Grade Novel).
12-year-old Louise receives an invitation to a vintage clothing sale. Unexpectedly, when she tries on a beautiful gown, she is transported back in time and takes the place of the original owner of the dress, a silent film starlet in 1912 traveling aboard a luxury ship. Louise loves the glamor and the drama in her new surroundings, until she realizes that the ship she has arrived on is the Titanic! With full-color illustrations from a professional fashion illustrator, this fresh take on time-travel stories is one you won’t want to miss.
[S. T844t]

Welford, Ross
Time Traveling with a Hamster. 2016 (Middle Grade Novel).
When twelve-year-old Al receives a letter from his deceased father, he isn’t expecting directions to a time machine! Al’s father asks him to travel back to 1984 and prevent the go-kart accident that killed him. This fast-paced, witty novel is full of heart.
[S. W4579ti]