Superhero Stories: Inspiring Readers to Do Good

Superheroes are fascinating characters – from their awesome powers to their impressive crime-fighting skills, colorful disguises, and secret identities, we want to know everything about them. They give us hope that we can fight for a better world and teach us lessons about good and evil, inspiring us to make a difference. After all, with great power comes great responsibility, so be sure to check out the list of books below for books about superheroes that will have you smiling, reading on the edge of your seat, and feeling motivated to do some good.

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Banas, Danielle.
The Supervillain and Me. 2018 (YA Novel)
Abby’s older brother is the superhero Red Comet, giving her a close-up look at the life of a caped crusader, and she promises that it’s not as glamorous as you think. Without any powers of her own, she is just focused on being a normal teenage girl, but everything changes when she meets the city’s newest vigilante – Iron Phantom. Thrust into an adventure full of secrets, twists and turns, discoveries, and a little romance, Abby comes to see that people aren’t always what they seem. Readers will follow Abby as she wonders who she can trust and tries to save her city in this exciting debut novel.
[S-Collection S. B2202s]

Brunner, Max and Dustin Mackay.
Superfail. 2017 (Middle Grades Graphic Novel)
Marshall has superpowers, but they’re not as great as you think: you can’t aim your awesome laser vision if you’re cross-eyed, and you definitely can’t fly if you have motion sickness. Labeled as a Defective, all he dreams about is being recruited to a superhero team, but that doesn’t seem likely. However, when Marshall and his fellow Defectives uncover a sinister plot to destroy a famous superhero team, they work together to save the day despite their shortcomings. Through it all, Marshall learns that you don’t need superpowers to make a difference – an important message for us all.
[S-Collection S. B8366s]

Carr, Matt.
Superbat. 2017 (Picture Book)
Pat the bat wants to be a superhero just like the characters in his favorite comics, so he makes himself a costume and is ready to save the day! However, his superpowers – super hearing, flying, and echolocation – don’t seem to be that special among his bat friends, and he becomes discouraged. When his super hearing picks up a cry for help, Pat immediately flies to the rescue and discovers his true superpower. The simple but dynamic illustrations showcase Pat in all his superhero glory and add a layer to the story that kids will enjoy.
[S-Collection Q. SE. C2306s]

Cody, Matthew.
Powerless. 2009 (Middle Grades Novel)
A group of superkids use their powers to do good in their town, but when they turn 13, their abilities suddenly disappear. Which wouldn’t be too crazy, except for the fact that they also have no memory of ever having powers. Is this a diabolical supervillain scheme? Daniel is new to town and doesn’t have powers, but he just might be the key to solving the mystery. In this crazy adventure, Daniel and his superhero friends work to find the answer to their disappearing powers, and along the way they just might discover the true meaning of a hero.
[S-Collection S. C649p]
Be sure to check out the rest of the series – Super #2 (S. C649s) and Villainous #3 (S. C649p) – also found in the S-Collection!

Dempsey, Kristy.
Superhero Instruction Manual. 2016 (Picture Book)
This enjoyable and humorous picture book promises that “seven easy steps” will turn you into a superhero! Readers watch as a young boy strives to follow the steps, and references to famous superheroes, amusing commentary, and descriptive illustrations add to the fun. Vigilant readers will notice a parallel plot line with the boy’s sister, and by the end, we come to see that the world needs all kinds of heroes.
[SE. D3995su]

DiPucchio, Kelly.
Super Manny Cleans Up! 2018 (Picture Book)
Best friends Manny and Gertie become an unstoppable dynamic duo who save the planet when they put on their superhero capes. Creative illustrations showcase the villains born in their imaginations, and the pair fight to save the day. After facing all kinds of monsters, Manny and Gertie see a bunch of trash all over the park and decide to do something to stand up to the evil litterbugs! Soon other people join in to help them fight the battle, and the subtly didactic message comes through in an engaging story about how we can all be superheroes who fight to save the day.
[S-Collection Q. SE. D626sucl]

Harper, Benjamin.
Bug Girl. 2017 (Middle Grades Chapter Book)
Amanda Price loves bugs, but most of the other 6th graders are grossed out by her weird obsession, especially her ex-best friend Emily. Middle school is hard enough, but when Amanda and Emily’s mothers are kidnapped, Amanda suddenly has super insect-like powers – antennae and an exoskeleton! After uncovering a secret, she needs to figure out how save the two moms, but to do that, she’ll need to adjust to her new superpowers, and, unfortunately, ask Emily for help. Readers will love following along this fast-paced superhero adventure to see if Amanda and Emily can work together to save their moms and their town before it’s too late.
[Center for Children’s Books S. H2301bg]
Be sure to check out the sequel – Fury on the Dance Floor (S. H2301bgfu) – in the S-Collection!

King, Bart.
The Big Book of Superheroes. 2014 (Illustrated Chapter Book)
This book promises to cover everything you ever wanted to know about superheroes and how to become one, including powers – the best, the worst, and in-between; how to act like a superhero; training and fighting; and figuring out right from wrong. It even includes a history of superheroes, a pop quiz, and a bibliography to keep the fun going. The engaging format presents the ideas in a colloquial way with dynamic illustrations to attract readers. For superhero fans with a sense of humor, this is a must read!
[S-collection S.741.5352 K58b]

Meyer, Marissa.
Renegades. 2017 (YA Novel)
The Renegades are a group of prodigies with special abilities who are working to rebuild society after they overthrew the Anarchists. To most of the world, they represent justice, hope, and peace, but to Nova, they represent disappointment and failure. Nova is loyal to the Anarchists, but when an undercover scheme places her in the perfect position to get some revenge, she hesitates. Things get tricky as she grows closer to the Renegades, and Aiden in particular, who truly believes in justice for all. The lines get blurred as Nova struggles with the distinction between good and evil and what she thought she knew. With awesome superhero powers, innovative technology, a lot of action, and moral dilemmas galore, readers will speed through this book and eagerly pick up the sequel.
[Center for Children’s Books S. M57572re]
Be sure to check out the sequel – Archenemies (S. M57572rear) – found in the S-Collection!

Puller, J. S.
Captain Superlative. 2018 (Middle Grades Novel)
When a new girl shows up at Deerwood Park Middle School dressed in a red mask, blue wig, silver swimsuit, rubber gloves, tights, sneakers, and a cape calling herself Captain Superlative, Janey – who usually tries to stay unobtrusively on the sidelines – can’t help but wonder who this girl is. As an unexpected friendship blooms, readers see Captain Superlative fighting bullies and standing out from the crowd, but she has secrets too. In this middle grade novel about identity and other big issues, Janey has to step out from the shadows and figure out what it means to be a hero and a friend.
[S-Collection S. P9671c]