Discovering Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs roamed the earth for over 165 million years, so it’s no wonder so many books about them exist! There are many different types of these prehistoric creatures, and from factual forays to fictional interpretations, it is clear that we are fascinated by them. Be sure to check out the list below for books about dinosaurs that will teach you something, make you smile, intrigue you, or take you on an exciting adventure.

To find more books about the dinosaurs that walked the earth millions of years ago, try searching the catalog using a combination of subject terms like “juvenile fiction” for fiction books or “juvenile literature” for nonfiction books along with “dinosaurs,” “prehistoric creatures,” “fossils,” or a specific dinosaur like “pterodactyls.”

Elliott, David.
In the Past. 2018 (Poetry Picture Book)
Take a journey into the past with this informative poetry tour guide – a timeline along the bottom of the page orients readers, and detailed, full-page illustrations bring the dinosaurs to life. Short stanzas of poetry provide amusing observations and information about various dinosaurs, and at the end there are more detailed notes about the species mentioned for those who are interested. This would be an engaging introduction to poetry for young dinosaur lovers.
[S-Collecton Q. S.811 El583in]

Hansen, Dustin.
Follow That Tiny-Dactyl (Microsaurs #1). 2017 (Middle Grade Chapter Book)
Best friends Danny and Lin love adventure, so they just have to follow the tiny dinosaur that crashed into Lin’s helmet during her skateboarding tryouts. Their investigations lead them to a secret lab where they end up shrinking to the size of ants, and soon the race is on to unshrink themselves and avoid getting crushed by dinosaurs before Lin’s skateboarding competition! The illustrations bring to life this reality and fantasy mash-up, making this sure to be a hit with adventurous young readers who love dinosaurs.
[S-Collection S. H1987f]

Be sure to check out the rest of the series – Tiny-Raptor Pack Attack #2 (S. H1987mitr), That’s My Tiny-Saurus Rex #3 (S. H1987mith), and Tiny-Stego Stampede #4 (S. H1987mits) – also found in the S-Collection!

Latimer, Alex.
Am I Yours? 2018 (Picture Book)
With a rhyming text that begs to be read aloud, this picture book is reminiscent of the classic Are You My Mother? text. The colorful and bright illustrations are just detailed enough to help introduce readers to the features of popular dinosaurs such as the spikes on a stegosaurus or the long neck of the brachiosaurus in this tale of an egg trying to find its parents. This heartwarming story of community and belonging somewhere will definitely bring a smile to every reader’s face.
[S-Collection SE. L3491am]

Letherland, Lucy.
Atlas of Dinosaur Adventures. 2017 (Large-Format Nonfiction Atlas)
This large-format atlas provides an immersive experience with detailed illustrations that are fun to explore. It discusses the different stages of the Mesozoic era, fossils, where dinosaurs lived, and more. Each spread focuses on one dinosaur in a particular part of the world and its life story as well as fast facts. Perfect for both dinosaur experts and those looking to learn more, this easy to understand book can provide learning opportunities and entertainment for hours.
[S-Collection Q. S.567.9 H3143a]

Levine, Sara.
Fossil by Fossil: Comparing Dinosaur Bones. 2018 (Nonfiction Picture Book)
Comparing and contrasting human skeletons with those of dinosaurs has never been more fun! The conversational tone uses a question and answer format to explain the features of common dinosaurs through their bones. Helpful and accessible illustrations and diagrams help readers learn about the bones and their purpose along with a cast of diverse characters. With fun fold out pages in the middle, a glossary and pronunciation guide, and sources to “keep digging,” readers will want to visit a museum to see these creatures up close.
[S-Collection Q. S.567.9 L5785fo]

Murray, Alison.
Dino Duckling. 2018 (Picture Book)
In this retelling of the ugly duckling story, a T. Rex has found its way into a family of ducks. Dynamic and dramatic placement of text help communicate the meaning, and readers will root for the odd duck out as he learns what it means to be part of a family. Mama Duck is wise and committed to loving her ducklings no matter how different they may seem, and this celebration of differences and talents is a delightful tale that readers will enjoy.
[S-Collection Q. SE. M961d]

O’Hara, Mo.
Romeosaurus and Juliet Rex. 2018 (Picture Book)
This version of Shakespeare’s most beloved play has Romeosaurus as an herbivore and Juliet Rex as a carnivore – classic enemies. When they meet at a masked ball, they laugh and have fun together, soon becoming fast friends. Cartoon-like illustrations and comedic tongue-in-cheek narration make this story a fun romp for kids and adults alike as the two dinosaurs try to figure out if their families can be friends after all.
[S-Collection SE. Oh15ro]

Sampson, Scott D.
You Can Be a Paleontologist! 2017 (Nonfiction Picture Book)
Paleontologist Scott Sampson uses an easy to read and engaging text in order to teach kids about finding fossils, cleaning and studying them, the role of paleontologists, how dinosaurs lived, and more. Each section of this book has a focus question in order to keep readers organized and lets them browse for what they are most interested in. It includes many photographs that are clearly labeled and colorful illustrations that bring the dinosaurs to life. With a message that encourages kids to make their own discoveries, this is perfect for that budding scientist who is curious about the world.
[S-Collection Q. S.560.23 Sa48y]

Sewell, Matt.
The Colorful World of Dinosaurs. 2018 (Nonfiction Picture Book)
This large-format book focuses on imagining what 50 different dinosaurs would have looked like when they were alive. The illustrations are colorful and a bit cartoon-like, but still detailed and helpful for readers wanting to know about these creatures. Each full-page spread includes 1-2 dinosaurs; facts about their size, what time period they lived in, and diet; and a paragraph written in a conversational tone with more information about their characteristics. An informative and accessible introduction to lots of dinosaurs, this is a fun book for dinosaur lovers to explore.
[S-Collection Q. S.567.9 Se89co]

Sharpe, Tess.
The Evolution of Claire. 2018 (YA Chapter Book)
A prequel to the Jurassic World movies, this YA novel lets readers steep themselves in that universe. In 2004, Claire is just a college freshman interning at the Jurassic World theme park before it opens to the public. Readers follow her as she falls in love with fellow student Justin and investigates rumors and suspicions of a sinister plot. Claire soon begins to question everything she thought she knew and is just trying to survive another day.
[S-Collection S. Sh229e]