We’ve Moved! S-Collection in a New Location!

After decades in the small space of Room 106 in the Main Library building, the S-Collection finally has a brand new (and much bigger) home. All of the books that you know and love from Room 106 have moved to spacious newly renovated quarters in Room 112 in SSHEL North. With so much more space we were able to move about 30,000 books from our storage room in the basement so that they will be much more easily accessible. Instead of having to search through the catalog for our books in storage and then wait for us to retrieve them, you’ll now be able to browse through most of them right on the shelves.

Just because you don’t see the book you want in our new space doesn’t mean that we don’t have it though! Remember that the S-Collection has over 150,000 volumes so even in our new larger space we still don’t have room for everything on the shelves. A lot of our older books make their home in our section of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library’s Oak Street storage facility and can be requested through the library catalog. If you don’t see what you’re looking for on the shelves, check the catalog or ask us at the reference desk and we can help find it.

Confused about where to find things in our new set-up? It’s actually pretty simple once you understand how the books are organized. Most of our collection has moved to the shelving units on the right-hand side of Room 112. When you walk in, the books on the first shelves are the S-Collection Reference books. Next are the picture books (these are the books whose call numbers start with SE) and then the chapter books and young adult books (these books have call numbers that begin with S and then another letter). After the fiction books are the non-fiction (these have call numbers that begin with S and then a number) and those reach all the way to the back wall. Our journals and award books are on the low shelves on the left-hand side of the room and the biographies (books that have call numbers beginning with SB) are on the tall shelves on the left. Still confused? Come visit us in Room 112 just off Room 100 in the Main Library and see our new space for yourself!

The Curriculum Collection books and kits have also moved into Room 112 and can be found in the shelving on the left-hand side of the room. Many thanks to all our patrons for your patience and support as we have gone through this extensive and exciting move and we hope to see you soon in our new space and for many years to come!