Now What? Reading After Harry Potter

You’ve turned the final page, perhaps wiped away a tear or two, and now find yourself facing the dreaded question, “what do I read now that Harry Potter has come to an end?” Fortunately, there are many other doors to the world of witches, wizards, dragons, spells, and monstrous, mysterious creatures. These series, available from the Education S-Collection, will get you on your way to your next magical adventure.

Alexander, Lloyd The Prydian Chronicles
Follow the adventures of Assistant Pig-Keeper Taran and his quest to save the kingdom of Prydain from the forces of evil.
The Book of Three [Center for Children’s Books: S.AL27B]
The Black Cauldron [Education Remote Storage: S.AL27BL]
The Castle of Llyr [Education S-Collection: S.AL27CA]
Taran Wanderer [Education Storage: S.AL27T]
The High King [Main Stacks: 813 Al273h]
The Foundling, and Other Tales of Prydian [Education Storage: S.AL27F]

Cooper, Susan The Dark Is Rising Sequence
Four children, one of whom has a powerful destiny, must seek magical artifacts to aid the forces of The Light in defeating the forces of The Dark.
Over Sea, Under Stone [Education S-Collection: S.C787O]
The Dark is Rising [Education S-Collection: S.C787DA]
Greenwitch [Education S-Collection: S.C787G]
The Grey King [Education Storage: S.C787GR]
Silver on the Tree [Education Storage: S.C787S]

Colfer, Eoin Artemis Fowl
Teenage genius and criminal mastermind Artemis Fowl infiltrates the modern, hidden world of fairies in his quest to restore his family fortunes.
Artemis Fowl [Education S-Collection: S.C68a]
The Arctic Incident [Education S-Collection: S.C68ai]
The Eternity Code [Education S-Collection: S.C68ar]
The Opal Deception [Education S-Collection: S.C68ao]
The Lost Colony [Education S-Collection: S.C68al]
Artemis Fowl Files [Education S-Collection: S.C68af]

Pullman, Philip His Dark Materials
In an alternate universe, young Lyra Belacqua is drawn into a struggle between the forces of the Authority and those who hope to end its power.
The Golden Compass [Education Storage: S.P967N1996]
The Subtle Knife [Education S-Collection: S.P967th]
The Amber Spyglass [Education S-Collection: S.P967a]

Riordan, Rick Percy Jackson & the Olympians
Perseus “Percy” Jackson learns that he is the son of the sea god Poseidon and is whisked away from his home in Manhattan to spend the summer at Camp Half-Blood along with other demigods.
The Lightning Thief [Education S-Collection: S.R479p]
The Sea of Monsters [Education S-Collection: S.R479s]
The Titan’s Curse [Education S-Collection: S.R479t]

Sage, Angie Septimus Heap
Aided by the Extraordinary Wizard and a young soldier known only as Boy 412, the “magykal” Heap family must find a way to protect their foundling daughter from an evil necromancer.
Magyk [Education S-Collection: S.Sa18s]
Flyte [available through I-Share]
Physik [available through I-Share]

Stroud, Jonathan Bartimaeus Trilogy
Set in modern London, this trilogy follows the adventures of Nathaniel, a magician’s apprentice and Bartimaeus, the djinn whom he summons to help him.
The Amulet of Samarkand [Education S-Collection: S.St892b]
The Golem’s Eye [Education S-Collection: S.St892g]
Ptolemy’s Gate [Education S-Collection: S.St892p2005]
Other Authors to check out:

Roald Dahl
Brian Jacques
C.S. Lewis
D.J. McHale
Robin McKinley
Tamora Pierce
Patricia Wrede
Jane Yolen
Still can’t get enough fantasy? The Education and Social Science Library has a number of guides to children’s fantasy literature available on our website.