Celebrate National Children’s Book Week, November 14-20, 2005!

National Children’s Book Week is an opportunity to celebrate and encourage reading. Additional information about National Children’s Book Week can be found at: http://www.cbcbooks.org/cbw/

In our library, we have an annual event that supports reading, particularly in the classroom. Each year we sponsor a free poster and book jacket giveaway. Advertised to students and faculty in the teacher education and library and information science programs, the event offers an opportunity to obtain free posters, book jackets, and miscellaneous items. Some possible uses for the posters and book jackets are:

–to decorate a classroom or office
–to hold up while giving a book talk
–to use in an art project
–to create a story from the picture/title and write about it

Book jackets are gathered each year from those books that are identified as not needing book jackets. Posters are obtained from conferences and publishers, as are other miscellaneous items such as stickers, tote bags, and activity packets. While the library uses many posters for display, some of the older posters are identified for future giveaway. This event promotes reading, allows the library to constructively dispose of unneeded items, and also publicizes the library’s collection of teaching materials and children’s books. This year our annual giveaway was so successful that seven boxes of giveaway items disappeared in the first two and a half hours!