Finding Cinderella Picture Books

This guide suggests two alternative ways to locate titles of Cinderella picture books. Cinderella stories includes those that are adapted or retold from Cinderella; or, The Little Glass Slipper (Cendrillon, ou la petite pantoufle de verre) by Charles Perrault, Cinderella (Aschenputtel) and All-Kinds-of-Fur (Allerleirauh) by the Grimm Brothers, and all other folktale variants from around the world—often called “multicultural Cinderella stories”. Any story of the Aarne-Thompson tale type 510A, 510B, 511, and 511B is considered a Cinderella story in this guide.
You can locate book titles in
a) the University Online Library Catalog; or
b) print and online bibliographies.

a) Search the University Online Library Catalog

The “problem” with Cinderella stories is often “too many” adaptations and retellings are out there, not the opposite. This guide offers tips on how to scale down your search results to a more manageable level.

Before you do your search, remember that the word “Cinderella,” if it appears in a catalog record, can appear in title, contents (table of contents), summary, or even subject field. Searching “Cinderella” in the title field will find plenty of Cinderella stories, but you will miss some fractured versions of the story, or collections that contain the story. Still, some Cinderella stories do not have the magic word “Cinderella” appearing anywhere in their catalog record.

How do I limit the search result to children’s books or picture books?

Most of the children’s books are held in these four places of the UIUC Library: Education & Social Science Library, Center for Children’s Books, Rare Books & Special Collections, and University High School.

First, set Location limit to “Education & Social Science” or “Center for Children’s Books” or both. Then try “Guided Keyword Search” as either of the following:

cinderella — all of these — Any Words

cinderella — all of these — Title Words
The Online Catalog does not offer an efficient way to limit your search result to single-edition picture books. Do not use “Picture books” or “Picture books for children” as search terms, which will NOT find many Cinderella books for you. Instead, sift through the list, looking for books that are unpaged (the “Physical Description” field will say “1 v”) or under 40 page, unless you are looking for collections of illustrated stories.

How do I limit the search result to Cinderella stories adapted from Charles Perrault’s version?

Not all books that are adapted from Cinderella; or, The Little Glass Slipper by Charles Perrault give credit to him. Try “Guided Keyword Search” to locate as many titles as possible:

cinderella perrault — all of these — Any Words
cinderella france folklore — all of these — Any Words
How do I limit the search result to “multicultural” Cinderella books?

The following strategy does not retrieve a comprehensive list of multicultural Cinderella stories, but does find a lot of them.

cinderella — all of these — Any Words
folklore — all of these — Subject Words
france perrault — any of these — Any Words
b) Use print or online bibliographies

Online bibliographies of Cinderella books:

The Cinderella Bibliography (
A comprehensive annotated bibliography of Cinderella stories and variants in all media and formats dating back to ancient times. A high-quality scholarly resource updated until 2002. See the “Modern Children’s Editions and Adaptations” drop-down menu, which allows locating book titles by the origin of variant Cinderella folktales.

SurLaLune Fairy Tales Picture Book Gallery for Cinderella
Displays covers of Cinderella picture books, which are categorized under “traditional,” “multicultural,” “fractured,” “animals,” “miscellaneous,” and “bilingual.” Each cover links to book information at

The Children’s Literature Web Guide: Cinderella Stories
Organizes research resources for Cinderella stories under “internet resources,” (many are unfortunately not working) “reference books,” “articles,” “picture books and full-length versions,” and “versions in collections.”

Print bibliographies of Cinderella books:

New tales for old : folktales as literary fictions for young adults. 1999. [398.2083 D34n] (CCB;Education)

Cinderella. Oryx Press. 1992.
[S.398.21 C49] (S-Coll)

The storyteller’s sourcebook: a subject, title, and motif index to folklore collections for children. 1982. [S. 016.3982 M145s]
(CCB;Education Juvenile Reference; LIS Reference)

The storyteller’s sourcebook: a subject, title, and motif index to folklore collections for children, 1983-1999.
[Q. 016.3982 M145so] (CCB Reference;LIS Reference)

Title list of Cinderella stories

Below is an incomplete title list of retellings or fractured versions of Charles Perrault’s Cinderella story published since the 1980s, including single-edition picture books and a few collections of illustrated stories. All are accessible through our library.

Bigfoot Cinderrrrrella. [Q. S.398.2 J648b]
Bubba the Cowboy Prince: a fractured Texas tale [SE. K511b]
Candlewick book of fairy tales [Q.S. 398.21 H329C1993]
Cinder Edna [Q.SE. J1332C]
Cinderella [Q.S. 398.2 D3732C]
Cinderella [SE. SA52C]
Cinderella : a creative tale from the collection Once upon a time
[Q. 398.2094402 P426c:E]
Cinderella Bigfoot [SE. T327c]
Cinderella penguin: or, the little glass flipper [Q.SE. P422C]
Cinderella: an art deco love story [Q. S.398.2 R542c]
Cinderella: the untold story (ILCSO libraries]
Cinderella’s dress [Q. S.398.2 W661c]
Cinder-Elly [SE. M668c]
Cinderlily: a floral fairy tale in three acts [Q. S.398.2 El59c]
Cindy Ellen: a wild Western Cinderella [Q. S.398.2 L951c]
Classic fairy tales [S. 398.21 C864C]
Ella’s big chance [Q. S. H874e]
Fanny’s dream [Q.SE. B861F]
Kingfisher book of fairy tales [Q. S.398.2 F889k2000]
Prince Cinders [SE. C6742P1988]
Roald Dahl’s revolting rhymes [S. 821 D138R]
Sidney Rella and the glass sneaker [SE. M9923S]
Sleeping beauty & other favourite fairy tales [Q.S. 398.210944 SL25]Smoky Mountain rose: an Appalachian Cinderella [Q.S. 398.2 SCH76S]Treasury of children’s literature [S. 808 T71]

Retelling of Grimm Brothers’ Cinderella story:

Cinderella, retold from the Brothers Grimm [S.398.2 H6792cl]

*Note for Location:
CCB—Center for Children’s Books: Materials are non-circulating
Education Juvenile Reference—School (S)-Collection room of ESSL: Materials are non-circulating
ILCSO—ILCSO Libraries: Materials can be requested online
Remote—Education Remote Storage: Closed stacks; materials can be requested online or in person
S-Coll—School (S)-Collection room of ESSL: Materials are open stacks; can also be requested online or in person
Storage—Education Storage: Closed stacks; materials can be requested online or in person
Uni High: Materials can be requested online or in person