June LSO Meeting Recap

Thank you to all our attendees at our June LSO Meeting! We covered the topic of nanomaterials safety. Please see the slides for more details as well as information about recent incidents and how DRS audits may be conducted this year. June 2020 LSO Meeting Slides

JST is looking for graduate students and post-docs who would like to get involved with JST for the 2020-2021 academic year. Please fill out this form if you are interested!

See you all next month!

Get Involved with JST!

The JST is looking for new students to take on leadership positions for the 2020-2021 academic year! The term runs from July 2020 – July 2021. Anyone can apply, you do not need to be an LSO.

Some reasons to get involved with JST are:

  • Safety is extremely important in any lab
  • Help develop and implement safety programs to make the Chemistry department better
  • Work with people from various backgrounds (faculty, staff, DRS, other safety teams)
  • Won’t take up much of your time! The JST board meets about once every 2 weeks for 1 hour.

Please fill out this application if you are interested! Have any questions? Send us an email! chemsafety@illinois.edu 

May 2020 LSO Meeting Recap

Thank you to all our attendees who joined us for our Zoom May LSO meeting! We discussed important safety reminders for when researchers are allowed to work in the lab within social distancing guidelines.

Please see the slides for more information, including links to information about COVID-19 resources posted on the JST website. May 2020 LSO Meeting Slides

Also, the JST is looking for new students who are interested in serving on the JST board! You do not have to be an LSO to be a part of JST. Please check out the slides for more details and email us (chemsafety@illinois.edu) if you have any questions!

COVID-19 Resources Tab Updated

The COVID-19 Resources tab has been updated! This page now contains procedures from the Department of Chemistry on returning to research activities and a letter from outgoing Department Head Martin Gruebele and incoming Department Head Catherine Murphy expanding on these procedures. This page also contains the anonymous reporting form so any violations to these procedures can be reported. These submissions will be regularly communicated to and reviewed by the Chemistry Department.

If you have any questions or concerns about these procedures, the anonymous reporting form, or other information on the COVID-19 Resources tab please contact the JST board at chemsafety@illinois.edu!

COVID-19 Resources

Check out the COVID-19 resources tab on the JST homepage! This tab contains information on where to find the DRS COVID-19 training, other training and resources related to COVID-19 from DRS, and information on how to safely conduct essential research during this time. Information on this page will be updated as it becomes available.

2020 Safety Week

Due to the current situation, the JST is postponing our annual Safety Week that typically takes place in mid-May. Some events are being postponed to a later date. Please stay tuned for more details!  Continue to stay safe and healthy everyone!

January 2020 LSO Meeting Recap

Thank you to all our attendees at our January LSO meeting! We covered the Building Emergency Action Plan (BEAP), labeling chemicals, and general housekeeping. Please see the meeting slides for announcements and recent incidents. January 2020 LSO Meeting Slides

The LSO meetings for the rest of the semester have been set! They are:

February 27th

April 2nd

May 7th

Please see the meeting slides for more details. See you next month!