2022/08/07: Our new article is out and it has the prettiest 3D microstructure renderings. Check it out here:

2022/05/27: Our new article on the peculiar plastic localization behavior of the HfNbTaTiZr high entropy alloy (‘Senkov alloy’) is published. Check it out here!

2022/05/13: Hooding time for Dr. Rizzardi!

2022/05/10: Abhi Sharda was awarded an Ian and Victoria Robertson Scholarship!

2022/05/10: Maria Liset Castellanos was awarded a Larry D. and Carol Rakers Scholarship! see post on the department’s website.

2022/04/14: Quentin Rizzardi wins Racheff-Intel award, congratulations !! He will present his work at our final colloquium of the year along with other recipients on May 2nd at 4pm, MSEB room 100.

2022/03/2022: Quentin Rizzardi brilliantly defended his thesis and now goes by Dr. Rizzardi. Congratulations!

2022/01/12: M.A. Charpagne will give an invited talk at the Colorado School of Mines on March 3rd 2022.

2022/01/11: M.A. Charpagne will give an invited talk at the Royal Microscopical Society EBSD conference in April 2022: RMS | Virtual EBSD 2022

2021/12/19: M.A. Charpagne gives an invited talk at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

2021/12/13: M.A. Charpagne gives an invited talk at the Krakow EBSD 2021 conference: link

2021/11/04: Tiffany Liu (freshman undergraduate student) joins the group, welcome!

2021/11/01: M.A. Charpagne’s paper on multi-modal data merging for visualization of slip bands in three dimensions is the Editor’s choice in the November edition of JOM. Read the article here: A Multi-modal Data Merging Framework for Correlative Investigation of Strain Localization in Three Dimensions | SpringerLink


2021/10/01: Abhi Sharda (junior undergraduate student) joins the group, welcome!

2021/08/16: Sydney Johnson (grad student) and Mukundan Anugrahaprada (MS student) join the group, welcome!

2021/08/25: M.A. Charpagne will give a Hard Materials Seminar in MSEB on Sept 2nd on ‘Accelerating the optimization of metallic materials using correlative measurements in electron microscopy‘, all info here