Welcome to the Charpagne research group at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign!

The aim of our research is to design sustainable and safer structural materials with increased lifetime under extreme environments. To reach this goal, our strategy is to tailor their composition and microstructure to optimize their strain localization pattern at the microscale.

As such, our research encompasses the fundamental investigation of the plastic strain field under various loading conditions as well as microstructure development mechanisms (recrystallization, phase transformations, diffusion, solidification). We have developed a unique framework to investigate these phenomena that consists in collecting, digitizing and analyzing multi-modal electron microscopy data collected over large area/volume regions which are representative of the microstructure. This allows us to run automated and non-human biased statistical analyzes and implement machine learning routines to accelerate our understanding of materials behavior. Based on this knowledge, we design new alloys with custom microstructure using either conventional techniques (arc-melting, rolling, heat treatments) or innovative manufacturing pathways such as laser powder directed energy deposition.


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