Patrick Keenan

Title Professor
Department Law

Patrick Keenan – professor of law

An expert in human rights and international law, Professor Keenan focuses his research and scholarship on the connections between human rights, economic development, and business. He has published articles examining conflict minerals, human trafficking and tourism, China’s role in Africa, the human rights potential of sovereign wealth funds, the International Finance Corporation’s investments in Africa and the Caribbean, and many other issues. Professor Keenan teaches courses on human rights, development, international criminal law, and the responsibilities of lawyers. He also created, and for 10 years directed, the Human Rights Law Clinic, in which students worked directly with lawyers and advocates in Africa and the Caribbean on human rights issues. In addition to teaching at the University of Illinois, he served as a visiting professor at the University of Chicago Law School and lectured at the Chuo University School of Law in Tokyo. Before coming to Illinois, Professor Keenan litigated death penalty cases in Georgia and Alabama as an attorney with the Southern Center for Human Rights.