Kat Wisnosky

Title Graduate Student
Department History
  • Summer 2017 FLAS Fellow
  • Academic Year 2017-18 FLAS Fellow

Language: Arabic, 3rd year

Kat Wisnosky received her BA in History (2011), an MS in Management Information Systems (2013) and MA in History (2015) from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She is currently working on her PhD in history at the University of Illinois with minors in Gender Relations and International Development; African Studies and Global Studies. Her research focuses on land use and agriculture policies in the Maghreb during the colonial and early national periods. The project examines the introduction of viticulture and its social, religious, economic and environmental effects. Her languages are French and Modern Standard Arabic. She is using her FLAS support to spend the summer in Tunisia, where she will be learning the Tunisian dialect of Arabic. Her research is also supported by the Barbara A. Yates International Research Award through the Center for Women and Gender in Global Perspective at the University of Illinois.