Donald Wuebbles

Title Professor
Department Atmospheric Sciences

Donald J. Wuebbles is the Harry E. Preble Professor of Atmospheric Science at the University of Illinois. He was the first Director of the School of Earth, Society, and Environment at Illinois, the first Director of the Environmental Council at the University, and Head of the Department of Atmospheric Sciences for many years. Dr. Wuebbles is an expert in numerical modeling of atmospheric physics and chemistry. He has authored over 500 scientific articles, relating mostly to atmospheric chemistry and climate issues. He has led past assessments and analyses of potential impacts of climate change and air quality on urban areas like Chicago and on various sectors, including agriculture and water resources, for larger regions like the Midwest and the Northeast. Dr. Wuebbles and colleagues received the 2005 Stratospheric Ozone Protection Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. He has been honored by being selected a Fellow of three major professional science societies, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Geophysical Union, and the American Meteorological Society. He has been a Coordinating Lead Author and contributed to a number of the reports of the international Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007.

Education Ph.D., Atmospheric Sciences, University of California at Davis, 1983
Areas of Expertise Atmospheric Chemistry and Aerosols; Climate Modeling and Climate Change; Analysis Climate Processes and Interactions; Integrated Assessment of Climate Change; Weather and Climate Risk