Day 9: Market & Last Day in Uganda

February 11th, 2017 by Kazami Brockman

Today was our last day in Uganda. Peter Luswata met us for breakfast and we exchanged contact information and well-wishes. We will keep in contact with him and update him on our progress. He also wanted us to contact him with any questions we had, so that we could deliver to him the most useful reports possible. We also plan to welcome Peter at UIUC later in the semester, at which time he will be able to interact with the entire class, not just the travel team.

After exchanging money at a nearby bank, we went to a market for some souvenir shopping. We wandered and shopped and haggled for around two hours. Haggling was new and fun for much of the team, and was (mostly) successful. The team returned to the hotel satisfied.

Brandon and Mingming browse merchandise.

We then had a very long time until our flight and nothing planned to fill the time. After the hectic schedule of the past week, the open time seemed out of place. These leisurely hours put me, at least, in a state of dread for our very long journey home. Sitting and waiting will be all we can do for the next many hours.

Our last meal in Uganda.