Day 8: Peter’s Farm

February 10th, 2017 by Jack Morrissey 

Today after sleeping in and a well-earned breakfast we drove to our host, Peter Luswata’s model farm just outside of Kampala. On just 3.7 acres of land, Peter grows passion fruit and bananas, in addition to raising pigs.

Peter houses this cute little guy, and lots more, in a cost-efficient and sustainable wooden structure with tarp lining.

After admiring the dozens of piglets we saw Peter’s anaerobic digester, which he uses to create biogas from the pig manure that can be used for cooking and lighting as well as potentially being compressed into cylinders. The biogas system Peter is using is the first of its kind in Africa and is one of the many urban farming innovations that Peter hopes to teach his fellow Ugandans about in order to improve their productivity and quality of life.

Kazami inspecting the anaerobic digester

After visiting the farm the team went to see some traditional Ugandan dancing and had a nice farewell dinner in Kampala. At the end of the show everyone got on the stage with the performers and we learned some moves of our own.