In-class work day

Thursday, February 11, 2016 (by Paolo Araneta)

The Home team continued to prepare their Introductory presentations, researching a variety of topics on Rwanda, including politics, economy, demographics, sanitation, and infrastructure. The Travel team began working on their individual technical topics for the final report. Many Home team members also began to work on their individual technical topics, as they already finished the presentation and report portion for their Introductory topics. In short, it was a simple, quiet work day.


Both Travel and Home teams hard at work, researching away


Also, it was the last class before the Travel team’s departure. The Travel team clarified final expectations and things to keep in mind before their upcoming flight. The Home team was notified to ask any last questions they had for the TA’s and the Travel team, as they would be unavailable in the upcoming week. The Home team wishes the Travel team a safe and wonderful journey!


Travel team member Elaina Plinke excited for the upcoming trip!