Field experiences from CEE449 Spring 2015

Tuesday February 2nd, 2016 (by Chinelo Agbim)

Today the class received a presentation from the TAs; Yukako, Daniel, and Gabrielle. Yukako and Daniel spoke to us about proper citation practices and recommendations for making a good presentation. Daniel and Gabi spoke to us about what they saw in terms of water, sanitation, and energy challenges on past trips to Kenya and Uganda. Through these presentations we began to see how cultural norms and differences can play a role in access to safe water and the use of latrines. A major issue we also discussed was that of high fluoride levels in both surface and groundwater resources. Despite the fact that fluoride exposure often leads to dental fluorosis (brown tooth staining) and skeletal fluorosis (bone fragility). The team that worked in Uganda in 2015 saw that at the Oruchinga Refugee Settlement people choose fluoride contaminated water over water with high levels of iron because of aesthetics and lack of knowledge about fluorosis. Based on these presentations, we then broke into groups and discussed interview questions for the community and refugee camp we will be working with.

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