Field equipment lab preparation

Wednesday February 3, 2016.

The TAs for CEE449 prepared the upcoming laboratory class where the students will learn how to use the on-site water quality testing equipment. A couple of students who will not be able to attend the session came to the lab to receive a quick tutorial on all the equipment. Lauren and Gabrielle tested the viability of a potential outreach activity which attempts to teach primary school children about the presence of microbial contamination and the importance of water disinfection. Tonic water fluoresces when exposed to black light due to the presence of quinine, this fluorescence is eliminated when chlorine is added to the water. This demonstration is a good visual aid to exemplify that while the ‘microorganisms’ (the quinine) cannot be seen in clear water they might be present, and by using a disinfectant such as chlorine, they can be inactivated.

Lauren and Gabrielle 2

Lauren and GabrielleDaniel

Aimee and Daniel