My dissertation investigates mechanisms of prejudice and conflict reduction.  I analyze an intergroup contact intervention in North-Central Nigeria, a broadcast media intervention in North-West Nigeria, and a vicarious contact lab experiment to determine when and how prejudice and conflict reduction interventions promote positive intergroup attitudes and reduce conflict.

My dissertation contains three papers:

Promoting Peace Amid Group Conflict: An Intergroup Contact Field Experiment in Nigeria

Contact Itself or Contact’s Success: Mechanisms Through Which Intergroup Contact Affects Intergroup Attitudes

“The Downstream Effects of Broadcast Media: The Social Mechanisms of Media Effects on Intergroup Attitudes.”



“Survey Experiments and the Quest for Valid Interpretation” (with Gustavo
Diaz and James H. Kuklinski). In Franzese and Curini, ed. Sage Handbook of
Research Methods in Political Science and International Relations. London:
Sage, forthcoming, 2020.

Engaging Communities for Peace in Nigeria: Impact Evaluation” (with
Rebecca Wolfe, Lisa Inks, and Danjuma Dawop). Mercy Corps Reports,
May 2019.

NSF Grants in Legislative Politics: An Interview with Brian Humes” Legislative
Scholar, Spring 2017.

New Media in Burkina Faso, Chad, and Niger: Survey Results and Analysis
(with Rebecca Chapman). USAID Reports, 2015.


Works in Progress

The Effect of Entertainment Education and Prosocial Media on Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behavior” (with Alice Iannantuoni and Matt Winters).

Can an Information Campaign about Taxation and Service Delivery Increase Tax Compliance?” (with Lula Chen, Boniface Dulani, Mwayi Masumbu, Matt Winters, and Jake Bowers).

The Effect of a Prosocial Television Channel on Attitudes about Tolerance,  Violence, and Women’s Empowerment in Northern Nigeria” (with Jake Bowers).

Aid for Peace: Foreign Aid’s Effect on Violent Conflict.”


10 Things to Know About Pre-Analysis Plans” (with Lula Chen).


You can find more information about my main projects on the Evidence in Governance and Politics (EGAP) website.  Code for published projects will be publicly available on my GitHub page.