Contact/ About CCCR

NOTE: Project Archived in Fall 2020. No further edits to these pages will be made and no more masks are being produced/delivered.

CCCR is a community effort started by members of the department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Illinois looking to apply their skills to helping mitigate the COVID-19 Pandemic. This is a volunteer effort, separate from official university duties.

As of Archiving, direct e-mail addresses have been removed. Please direct inquiries to

Project Contacts:

3D Printed ‘Montana Masks’

      • Bijal Patel
      • Daniel Davies

Machine and Hand-sewn Cloth Masks

      • Azzaya Khasbaatar
      • Anshu Deewan

COVID-19 Links Page

      • Bijal Patel

Thanks to the many staff at the University of Illinois School of Chemical Sciences, Facilities, and other units who are either directly helping us with purchasing etc. or are still working to ensure that lab facilities are in operation.